Recipe courtesy of Kay Weaver, demonstrated in her Summer Cocktail Parties class in June 2015. For more information on Zest Cooking School at Brighton check out our class schedule!


2 bottles Dry Rosé wine, chilled
4 whole peaches, pitted and diced
1 cup raspberries
½ cup strawberries, hulled and quartered
1/2 bottle sparkling wine, chilled or club soda
Fresh mint, for garnish (optional)

Combine the Rose’ wine, peaches, raspberries, and strawberries in a large pitcher or container.  Cover and refrigerate for about 8 hours.  Before serving, pour in chilled sparkling wine or club soda and stir.  Serve in glasses and garnish with fresh fruit and fresh mint.  Serves: 8-10



Rosé Sangria