Vindaloo Curry


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Vindaloo Curry

Vindaloo Curry is a signature of Indian cuisine, Vindaloos are considered to be the spiciest of Indian curries. With a perfect balance of spicy heat and complex layers of flavor this is our newest curry powder that was in response to numerous requests from our curry powder aficionados.

Indigenous to the Goa region of western India which for more than four centuries was ruled by the Portuguese, Vindaloo Curry was originally a Portuguese dish called Carne de Vinha d’Alhos made with chiles, pork and vinegar, but though the years of local Indian influence it’s now more thought of as an Indian curry with some spicy kick to it.

There are several variations of Vindaloo Curry dishes found in the Goa area. The Catholics, who make up about a third of the population, prefer Pork Vindaloo while the Hindus and Muslims opt for chicken, duck or lamb Vinadloos.

There is even some intriguing controversy regarding the inclusion of potatoes in Vindaloo curry dishes. Some believe that potatoes should never be part of a traditional Vindaloo while others believe these have long been added to lamb Vindaloo dishes as a way to add more quantity to the dish and use less of the expensive lamb meat. There are really no hard and fast “Vindaloo curry rules” for preparing your own dish – add potatoes if you like potatoes.

Vindaloo has become very popular outside of India, where it is a standard addition and prominantly featured on Indian restaurant menus. Vindaloo served in western restaurants differs from the original Vindaloo dish and instead is simply a hotter version of the restaurant’s”medium” house curry, usually with additional chile powder and including potatoes. In British restaurants, vindaloo is usually not available with pork, only with beef, chicken, lamb/mutton, or prawn. Vindaloo is typically the hottest curry dish available on the menu where it is served. Some restaurants will add coconut milk for texture while others add tomatoes to imitate North Indian curries.

This Vindaloo Curry Powder recipe was given to us by one of our favorite chefs who specializes is regional Indian cuisine and is a nice departure from the usually bright yellow curry powders (especially for those that aren’t big fans of Turmeric – a key ingredient in most curry powders) that most of our are familiar with.

Our Vindaloo Curry powder is hand blended from brown mustard, hot cayenne (our hot cayenne which is 80,000 – 90,000 SHU), cumin, fenugreek, cardamom and black pepper.

Use this in any recipe that calls for curry powder.

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