Vadouvan Curry


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Vadouvan Curry

Vadouvan Curry, pronounced “Vad oo van”, is sometimes spelled as Vaudouvan and is also known as vadavam, vadagam, or vadakam. This is the French’s version of an Indian masala. It’s believed to have originated in the Puducherry (formerly known as Pondicherry) region in southeastern India which was under French colonial influence on and off beginning in 1675 and lasting until 1962.

Recipes for Vadouvan spice blends vary, with the most common ingredients including onion, garlic, cumin, mustard and fenugreek.

Where to Use

This trendy curry blend is currently en vogue in Australia, France and the U.S. It has a rich savory flavor that are more familiar to Western palates than many Indian spice mixtures. Vadouvan can be used as a replacement in any recipe calling for curry powder and most frequently with better results.

With nuanced complexities Vadouvan adds delightful flavor to chicken, compound butters, homemade chips, crostinis, dips, dressings, lamb, marinades, meat rubs, popcorn, salads, seafood, tangy yogurts, vinaigrettes as well as roasted and steamed vegetables.

What’s In Vadouvan Curry

Vadouvan Curry is hand blended from toasted onion, shallots, roasted garlic, cumin, brown mustard, fenugreek, cardamom, turmeric, curry leaves, nutmeg, maras chile flakes and clove.

Flavor Profile

You’ll pick up a smokey onion taste with nutty and sweet undertones. Our Vadouvan has an unexpected richness that isn’t disturbed by chile heat and enhances the flavor of all the other ingredients in the dish.

Helpful Hints

This is a delicate blend and doesn’t do well with high heat or long cooking times as that tends to cook away most of its great complexities. Because of this we recommend adding it toward the end of the cooking process so that you achieve optimum flavor.

To make into a paste, mix equal parts Vadouvan, olive oil and water. To make a thinner paste to use during a final basting for grilling, add a bit more of the liquids.

One of our favorite recipes using Vadouvan is Red Lentil Soup with Vadouvan

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