Tomato Powder


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Tomato Powder

This versatile Tomato Powder is made from all natural sweet tomatoes. This amazing product is simply 100% pure and natural dehydrated sun dried tomatoes. It can easily be made into a sweet tasting paste or sauce in a matter of minutes. No more opening cans of paste only to use a portion and letting the rest go to waste.

How to Use

Once you have tried this amazing powder you will be surprised at how many other uses you’ll find for it. Our Tomato Powder is perfect if you make your own pasta as it adds color as well as flavor. Use it as a thickener in gumbo, sauces, soups and stews. In addition, you can sprinkle it on bagels, breads, chili, eggs, dressings, fish, nachos, pizza, salad or vegetables. We’ve also used it as a secret ingredient in casseroles and in spice rubs.

To make tomato sauce use 1 part tomato powder to 4 parts water and for a thicker tomato paste use 1 part tomato powder to 2 parts water (for a thinner paste add additional water).

Works well in combination with garlic, oregano and basil.

What Makes a Great Tomato Powder

These vine-ripened tomatoes are picked at peak ripeness and then sun dried. The result is a tomato powder that’s fragrant with the sweet flavor of freshly picked ripe tomatoes. We carried it in the past and it had so much moisture (from an inferior drying process) that it would clump excessively. So much so that it became impossible to work with. We searched for over two years until we found one that was first (and most importantly) absolutely delicious but also very easy to work with.

Flavor Profile

Slightly sweet.

Helpful Hints

While we store this just like any other spice in a cool, dark spice cabinet (away from direct sunlight and the heat of the stove) some of our customers prefer to store it in the refrigerator. 

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