Roasted Garlic Pepper


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Roasted Garlic Pepper

This Roasted Garlic Pepper has become not only one of our best selling pepper blends but is also one of our most popular salt free seasoning blends. Our roasted garlic is certainly spicier than garlic salt, garlic powder or granulated garlic. I didn’t think it was going to be possible to find a pepper blend that would ever replace our top selling Pennsylvania Pepper that resides on our kitchen table but this one is getting more and more use at our house lately. Another one of our favorite pepper blends is our Napa Valley Pepper.

Where to Use

While we typically prefer to use fresh garlic when making garlic bread this has proven to be a nice change of pace. Slow roasting with our roasted garlic  provides loads of flavor to a dish that otherwise would be quite boring. We find ourselves using this on grilled or roasted chicken, burgers, fish and steaks as well as steamed vegetables, scrambled eggs, omelets, pork chops, ribs and in marinades, salad dressings, spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, stews and soups.

Unlike lots of garlic pepper blends on the market there’s no added salt or sugar to this blend and the combination of roasted garlic, onions and pepper create an almost magical savory bond that is pretty tough to beat.

What’s In Roasted Garlic Pepper?

Hand blended with black pepper, white pepper, roasted California garlic and onion.

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