OG Nigella Sativa Seeds


Irregular-shaped, these small black seeds are used whole or ground and are a popular spice in North India, Iran, Lebanon, and Turkey for breads and vegetables. Black seed is the common name for the seeds of the Nigella sativa plant. The true name for this spice is Nigella Seed, though in Turkish cuisine it is often referred to as “black Caraway seed”.When ground, Nigella has a sharp, peppery and nutty taste with a warm, slightly fruity and oregano-like aroma.

Nigella seeds are commonly found on breads like naan or other similar Indian flatbreads. Can also be used on bagels, rolls, or biscuits. Add to dishes with red lentils, soups especially. These are delicious on squashes with butternut squash being a popular pairing choice. Add them to salads or soups right before serving for a nice crunch. When added to a salad, they are especially good in a salad full of greens and mandarin oranges. The brightness of the orange pairs well with the flavors of the nigella seeds.

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