Chipolte Meco Chile Powder


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Chipotle Meco Chile Powder

Chipolte Meco Chile Powder, pronounced “chi-POHT-lay,” comes from a Nahuatl words “chilpoctli” or “xipoctli” meaning “smoked chile pepper.” The Nahuatl language is that spoken by the Aztecs, a group of South American people who lived in what is today the central region of Mexico. Chipotles are from the species Capsicum annuum, and they have become quite popular in the United States over the last 15-20ish years, particularly in Tex-Mex dishes. Chipotles remain a popular part of Mexican cuisine as well, being incorporated into Mexican dishes with a variety of other chiles. Chipotle chiles are made from jalapenos, or Capsicum annuum.

Cooking with It

Chipotle Chile Powder tends to hold up better against strong flavors than Chipotle Morita Chile Powder would. Mecos are the preferred chipotle for Mexican chefs, so this powder fits in nicely when you are making Mexican cuisine. It’s good in enchiladas, in mole sauce, with adobo-based marinades, and in black bean-based dishes. This powder is deeply smoky,

Chipotles pair well with beef, chicken and pork chops.

What Does Chipotle Meco Chile Powder Taste Like?

Chipotle Meco Chile Powder is smoky, mildly spicy, and has a grassy fruitiness.

How Hot is This Chile Powder?

Our Chipotle Chile Powder is considered a medium heat chile powder and has a rating of 13,000-28,000 SHU, or Scoville Heat Units.

Substitutions and Conversions

Just 1 ½ teaspoons of chipotle powder equals one whole chipotle, so use your powder with a light hand!

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