Birria Taco Seasoning


Birria Taco Seasoning is a seamless seasoning blend of more than a dozen herbs and spices that takes the guesswork out of flavoring quesabirria tacos. This blend is spicy, warm, earthy, smoky and sweet, with a woody depth and citrus top notes. Birria Taco Seasoning opens with a burst of fragrant sweetness from tomato and cinnamon, followed by the chocolatey essence of ancho chiles. Berry-like, smoky chipotles and heat from de arbol chiles bring peppery flair. Built on a foundation of garlic and onions, this seasoning blend hits all the right notes. It gets gentle citrus from coriander, a hint of caramel from brown sugar, flaky bites of smoky salt, and the woodsy pepper of allspice. Oregano’s good-natured bitterness and the energetic zing of celery seed provide a high-note finish for this seasoning blend.

Hand blended from ancho, chipotle morita, Mexican oregano, de arbol, garlic, onion, mesquite salt, brown sugar, tomato, coriander, cinnamon, allspice, and celery seed.

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