8 Pepper Chili Seasoning


This salt-free blend is balanced and hard-working. It starts with a sweet, earthy flavor, a combination of the dark fruit of ripe, dried chiles and a bit of bell pepper. Then it shows off the coffee and cacao in the mix. Aromatic onions and garlic make their mark on the middle ground, before the heat from the chiles kicks in. A mild-to-medium heat, the burn goes straight back, carried along by comforting cinnamon, allspice, and clove.

Use our salt-free 8 Pepper Chili Seasoning for turkey, pork, or beef chili. Rub on steak for the grill. Toss this over fajitas, use when making tacos, or season cubed meat for kabobs. Rub over a pork tenderloin and roast. Stir into a Mexican-style polenta and top with cheese and salsa.Toss over thick slices of portobello mushrooms and grill.

Blended from ancho, de arbol, pasilla, garlic, paprika, guajillo, red bell pepper, onion, serrano, coriander, chipotle, coffee, cumin, cacao, cinnamon, clove and allspice.

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