Organic Manzanillo Mexican Seasoning


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Organic Manzanillo Mexican Seasoning

This organic Manzanillo Mexican seasoning, pronounced ” “mahn-san- NEE-yoh”, is our first organic seasoning blend and was inspired by the resort city of Manzanillo, which is located on the Pacific coast in the Mexican state of Colima. This area is also home to Mexico’s busiest seaport and the region boasts 2 bays, Bahía de Manzanillo (bahia means “bay” in Spanish) and Bahía de Santiago. The Manzanillo bay is known for its beaches including Playa La Audiencia, which features calm surf – ideal for water sports. The waters off the coast have a reputation as a diver’s paradise with numerous coral reefs and shipwrecks. The area is also known for deep-sea sport fishing, especially marlin.

This organic hand-blended seasoning is ideal for those that prefer their seasonings loaded with flavor and aren’t afraid of a little bit of heat (but this is certainly not burn your face off hot). In addition to this being organic, it’s also salt and sugar-free.

Where to Use It

We like to add this to everything Tex-Mex, simply sprinkle it on your tacos, enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas or tostados and you’ll have a quick and tasty exotic dinner for friends and family. Now don’t think that our organic Manzanillo Mexican seasoning can only be used for South of the Border style dishes, we also use it when we’re in search of some extra spicy flavor and add a dash or two (or sometimes three) to our scrambled eggs, chili, fajitas (beef or chicken), burgers, mac and cheese, omelets, rice, shrimp, soups and stews as well.

This seasoning also makes an excellent Mexican dry rub for chicken, just add 1 tablespoon of seasoning per pound of meat and be sure to spread evenly on both sides, then pat the mixture into the meat. Put the chicken in a large resealable bag and place in the refrigerator. We’ve had excellent results with leaving in the fridge “to season” for as little as 2 hours. Remove the chicken from the fridge and allow it to warm to room temperature before cooking on the hot grill or roasting in the oven.

The practice of letting your chicken warm to room temperature has some pretty strong opposing view points to it – some say that it allows for bacteria to form quickly and that a thicker breast will not warm to room temperature in less than 4 or 5 hours. Others feel that cooking a cold breast will cause the outside to dry out faster. We tend to go with letting our meat come to room temperature — to a point – we’ll let it sit for about 30-45 minutes before putting it on a hot grill.

Some of our favorite recipes using Manzanillo Seasoning are Manzanillo Scrambled Eggs in Crispy Wonton Shells, Mexican Cornbread, Chorizo and Sweet Potato Hash, Vegetarian Refried Bean Pizza and Spicy Grilled Mexican Shrimp.

We always recommend that when using this seasoning for the first time that you start off with a bit less than you think that you need. Because we’re using freshly ground spices, and blend in small batches, our seasonings tend to be very potent. You can always add more seasoning if you’d like.

Flavor Profile

The flavor profile of our organic Manzanillo Mexican seasoning is earthy with a complex chile base that is savory and spicy, you’ll also pick up a slight garlicky undertone with hints of onion.

What’s In Organic Manzanillo Mexican Seasoning

Hand blended with organic ancho, organic pasilla, organic black pepper, organic garlic, organic jalapeno, organic onion, organic coriander, organic Mexican oregano and organic cumin.

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